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about the belle


Meet Patti Stephens, lead designer/coordinator.  

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved parties and celebrations.  As a child growing up in South Carolina, I was enchanted with my mother's monthly bridge club luncheons, when she served scrumptious finger sandwiches on silver platters and lovely meringue cookies on tiered servers with lace paper doilies.  There was always iced tea served in shiny silver mint julip cups, garnished with fresh mint leaves. The tables were decked out in crisp, starched white linens with centerpieces of freshly cut flowers from her garden. I wanted so badly to be one of those lovely ladies enjoying a cucumber sandwich and chatting away with friends.  Magical!

When I was a young Mom, I loved doing very detailed, themed birthday parties for our two daughters, now grown and married. After planning and hosting two outdoor weddings at our home, as well as being very involved with our daughter's wedding out of state, I realized how happy I always feel during the design and development process, and how fulfilled I am when I ponder color schemes, fabrics, flowers and party favors.  I have always perched happily at my sewing machine, creating anything my heart desires..   new pillows for the couch, tablecloths and chair covers for my daughter's wedding, a nursery ensemble for my grandbaby's nursery not long ago. Taking an idea and making it visible, tangible and beautiful is what I love to do.  And, almost as much, I LOVE achieving this as inexpensively as possible.

I took all of these passions and creative juices, channeling them into one entity; hence, Southern Soirees.  For me, it's all about details.  Believe me, people do notice! You can tell by the oohs and ahhs of delight when guests first arrive.  I love finding out what a person's vision is for their unique, much anticipated event, and developing that vision into a magical feast for all the senses... thus, making every guest feel special and pampered.  Celebrations should be just that!  A time for all involved (especially, the host/hostess!) to relax, eat, drink, laugh, and enjoy their guests.

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